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Looking at the big picture with Paul Wulff


ON WEEKLY BASIS we're seeing a Cougar team that is heavily injured but also younger, lighter and slower than the competition. In short, they're out-manned, figuratively and literally. And they're literally under-manned, with only 75 of the allowable 85 scholarships filled. The reasons for that can be traced back, but the good news is that next season WSU will finally be back to a full boat.

EXPERIENCE, AGILITY, STRENGTH, ATTITUDE -- all of these things, and more, are necessary ingredients to fielding a winning football team. It's been clear, however, to anyone who has closely watched the Cougs the past 1 1/2 seasons (and one could reasonably argue for longer than that) the chief reason that wins and bowl games have been hard to come by since 2003... Speed. Or more accurately, a lack... Recommended Stories