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Kent names Rochestie All-European

EUGENE -- C'mon. Admit it. Fess up. Were you one of the countless Washington State fans calling for Taylor Rochestie's head just a few weeks ago? If so, shame on you. As punishment – though, in reality, a treat -- you are hereby sentenced to watch 50 consecutive replays of Rochestie's game for the ages Saturday at Mac Court.

Rochestie was so brilliant, so clutch, so EVERYTHING that even Ernie Kent had to give it up for the little dude. "A very heady, crafty, European point guard," the longtime Oregon coach said. Rochestie grew up in Santa Barbara, Calif., but you get the idea. "He has a great feel for the game," Kent said. "He controlled a good part of the game by himself. He did an excellent job." Boy, did he... Recommended Stories