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Frampton comes alive on NFL draft boards


KEN GREENE SAYS Eric Frampton is bigger, faster and stronger than one of the greatest defenders in modern WSU football history: New York Jets starter Erik Coleman. The way Frampton's stock keeps rising on NFL draft boards, Greene isn't alone in his assessment. With the Bears' Lovie Smith and other NFL coaches taking notice, Frampton no longer is "the best safety no one is talking about."

I caught up with the Frampton the other day. The first-team All-Pac-10 honoree talked about everyone from Coleman to C.S. Lewis, and everything from Assassin Awards to game film. ET: Your coach said the following about you: "sweet kid, but he's a head-hunter, a tough kid and the pro scouts say that too" how do you reconcile that duality? The File OnERIC FRAMPTON HOMETOWN: San Jose, Calif... Recommended Stories

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