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What if? Rogers' work has the faithful asking

I'M ROLLING VIDEO AGAIN AND I still can't figure out why Alex Brink can't see Cody Boyd. Overlooking Cody Boyd is like driving White Pass and not seeing Mount Rainier. It just shouldn't happen. But it did Saturday at Auburn, where the Cougars spent a broiler-plate of an evening wasting away again in Tommy Tuberville.

That quip makes sense only if you know that Tommy Tuberville is Auburn's coach and you can hum that enduring Jimmy Buffet classic, Margaritaville. It's about realizing that everything is your own damn fault. CRIMSON COMMENTARY Well, that was last year's theme, when week after futile week the Cougars beat up on themselves. Finding fault this week, in a new season, in the wake of a tough... Recommended Stories