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Summer assignment

<b>Steve Dildine</b> (CF.C/Gunderson)

Over the years, it's become routine. Leaf, Gleason, Newman, Lamont, Gesser -- and so many other others -- did the same thing with their summer breaks. They stayed in Pullman. WSU now regularly sees a 90-percent or better summer participation rate. The path to success at WSU travels through a scorched field baking under an Eastern Washington sun ... through long summer hours spent amongst the iron in the weight room. To wit: <b>Steve Dildine</b>. What he's done this offseason. Oh my.

They take the offseason seriously at Washington State. These days, nearly every scholarship player AND key walk-ons stays in Pullman most of the summer. With the demands on their time during the year -- practice, traveling and games -- attending summer classes helps the players stay on academic track. Another major part of the reason why is the work ethic and attitude of the players. And... Recommended Stories