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Harrell looks to be a perfect fit for Leach

GRAHAM HARRELL doesn't have an exact idea of what he'll be doing from one day to the next under Mike Leach. He has no idea what his official title is at WSU. But after talking with Harrell, this one seems as good as any: The Mike Leach Director of Fire Ants Genealogy and Conventional Thinking.

CougFans already knew Mike Leach was a character. What we learned this week is that Graham Harrell, who starred at quarterback for Mike Leach at Texas Tech from 2004-08, seems to be cut from the same cloth. "I remember sitting in quarterback meetings with him… and we'd be talking about crazy trial cases going on at the time, or Geronimo or Indians or fire ants. Like I said, he thinks he's an... Recommended Stories

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