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How to characterize WSU's 2013 class?

ABOVE ALL, the recruiting class that Mike Leach unveiled yesterday is athletic. That's an overused word in the recruiting vernacular but it's the key to Leach's talent upgrade process. The group has speed and size, but the characteristic that stands out most is versatility. This is a multi-dimensional group, with a number of them possibly growing into positions other than the ones listed today.

Here's what else we know about the class ... It was built creatively. There are four JC transfers, 2 grayshirt holdovers from a year ago, and 18 high school seniors, plus four more high school kids who fall somewhere into the as-yet-unclear "revised NCAA rulebook on grayshirts" world (Markell Sanders, Dylan Hanser, Olito Thompson and Marcellus Pippins. Also, will not put an FBS-to-FBS... Recommended Stories