Future Coug reads way to big opening night


GLENDALE – By his own standards, senior quarterback Tyler Bruggman's first touchdown pass of the 2012 season was poorly thrown. A bit wobbly for his taste. But that was incidental to the broader picture. The key point on the play was that he made the correct read, and the result was a 64-yard touchdown strike to receiver Devon Allen that gave Brophy Prep a 21-0 lead after three possessions.

Using his physical skills but also his mental ones, Bruggman led Brophy College Prep of Phoenix to a 37-14 rout of Mountain Ridge High on Wednesday night in the season opener for both schools.

"August is always a long month," Bruggman said afterward. "It's definitely exciting to start the season."

And what a start it is. Brophy will be back in action quickly, hosting the USA Today No. 2-ranked team in the nation, Santa Margarita out of Southern California, in a nationally televised tilt on ESPN2 this Saturday at 7 p.m. PT.

Bruggman, who completed more than 60 percent of his passes last season, picked up where he left off last season. Only better. He connected on 10 of his first 12 passes. While his numbers the rest of the half were less glossy, nine of the incompletions were due to drops.

The reads Bruggman was making, however, were largely impeccable. To run Brophy coach Scooter Molander's quick, no-huddle offense you have to be smart.

With no time spent in the huddle, Bruggman had extra time to read the defense. Before many plays he would call out the word "Easy," and change the play.

"Coach gives me some freedom to get out of a bad play," Bruggman said. "If the play that we have on is toward the strength of the defense then it's something that we need to get out of and attack their weakness."

Late in the fourth quarter Bruggman found his team lined up for one of those bad plays.

Bruggman saw a mismatch on the outside. The opposing safety was too far away from Allen. Bruggman saw that if Allen beat the corner with the slant route he could be home free.

The Brophy signal caller changed the play at the line, delivered a strike to Allen and it was off to the races for a 70-yard touchdown.

There was not a drive during the game that either Bruggman or Molander did not call an audible.

"He always knows exactly what to get to," Molander said. "He knows the playbook as well as our staff. That's a rare thing. He made some huge plays tonight."

Bruggman and Molander have created a great relationship. Molander will check out of plays that will not work and he trusts Bruggman to do the same.

"I'll call it sometimes. I'll call it, he'll check it. I'll call it, I'll check it from the sidelines," Molander said. "Three years of working together, we work pretty well together."

Despite the lopsided score Wednesday, there wasn't much down time for the Brophy starters. They came out of the game with just six minutes remaining – a fact that looms more important than it otherwise might be in light of the fact the team in back in action on Saturday.

Molander said there is nothing that they can do about the schedule. So the team is going to hit the ice after the game, get as much film and study time as they can and practice Thursday and Friday.

NOTABLE: Complete statistics for Bruggman were not available at press time, but CF.C will update this story once they become available. An unofficial tally had him completing 50 percent of his passes for 345 yards and no interceptions.

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