Jake Rodgers' hair takes on life of its own


LITTLE DID COUGAR offensive lineman Jake Rodgers know his mullet would one day launch a cult following. In the last two weeks, his hair has taken on a life of its own. Guided by the motto "Business In The Front, Party In The Back," Rodgers' hair has fired up a series of humorous missives under the Twitter account name @JakeRodgersHair. Adding to the intrigue, Rodgers has no clue who's behind it.

"I honestly have no idea who it could be that is operating it," Rodgers told Cougfan.com via email. "At first, I thought it would have been one of my roommates, Blair Bomber or Zach Johnson, but after I figured out it wasn't them all my guesses went out the window. I'm kind of just assuming that it is one of our amazing fans."

Indeed it is.

Through the power of Twitter's direct messaging feature, Cougfan.com was able to connect with @JakeRodgersHair for the most secretive conversation this side of Watergate.


On condition of strict anonymity, though we can confirm it's not a Cougar athlete, the person behind JakeRodgersHair told us the following:

"Given that handles like @CarrollsKhakis, @SafecoFieldRoof, @Coach_Jim_Walden, and @AngelinasLeg have all created a funny cult following, I was racking my brain for a fake account that I could come up with, that wouldn't require me to be distasteful ... Jake's hair seems to get a lot of comments, and I thought it would be hilarious ... Now I have regular Twitter conversations with Jake, as though I'm his hair talking to him."

One morning Rodgers was greeted by his hair with the salutation, "Hey good lookin!!"

The real Rodgers said he's received great feedback about his hair's mysterious cyber life.

"The other day I was walking down the street and someone driving the other way leaned out from a car and yelled at me, ‘I'm following your hair on Twitter.'"

With affirmation like that, the 6-6, 297-pound Spokane sophomore-to-be says he's decided to shelve plans to cut his hair. "All of this support (for the mullet) kind of came out of nowhere. Now I would feel like I was letting down fans if I cut it so it's staying for a while."

Rodgers said his decision sport a mullet came from his admiration of two professional athletes who never hesitated to leave their locks short in the front and on the sides and long in the back.

He loved Randy Johnson back in the day and Vikings standout Jared Allen is a favorite.

Since launching May 3, the account has picked up 80 followers while tweeting 36 times. Despite the growing, though still-modest following, Rodgers said he can barely make it around Pullman without being noticed.

While Rodgers appreciates the recognition, he also admitted to being relieved that whoever is running the account hasn't abused their power. For now, he said he is content to enjoy whatever his alter ego tweets next.

"I'm glad people are having fun with it because I am too," he said. "At this point I'm not even sure if I even want to know who is running it. I think that might ruin it a little for me."

And maybe his teammates too. On May 10, JakeRodgersHair tweeted Jeff Tuel to ask a question that would cross any quarterback's mind when they play behind an offensive lineman with a mullet.

"When you're standing behind me at the line of scrimmage, and staring at me, does it make you think ‘Party in the back'?"

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