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A primer to Cougs' scholarship and APR math

SCHOLARSHIP MATH. The APR. They are convoluted matters in the world of college football -- ones that can be difficult to add up because there are so many factors that go into the equation. With Sekope Kaufusi and C.J. Mizell no longer with the program, and JC linebacker Justin Sagote newly added, there is no better time to crank up a primer on the how and why of scholarship math and the APR.

It's one of the first questions asked when a player hangs up his cleats -- be it voluntarily due to injury (a la Louis Bland) or via a violation of teams rules (like Kaufusi) and Mizell ... Does WSU get that scholie back to use on someone else this year? Simple question. Not-so-simple answer. So let's start at the beginning. The key thing to remember in any scholarship equation is this: A... Recommended Stories