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HARMELING: Trying to figure out these Cougs


THE TWO WEEKS of autonomy over Christmas break has to be one of the best things about being a teacher. For instance, if you're inclined to pick up and head to Spokane for the opening of the Pac-12 basketball season, you just do it. Although trying to explain to your mom why your visit home for the holidays is being cut short in order to see some Cougar hoops adds a certain discomfort to the idea.

"Wait. So can you help me understand why you need to be in Spokane for the Cougar game? Isn't it on TV here?" she asked. Usually I'm never short on words. Well, actually I can say with confidence that I'm never short on words, especially when it comes to basketball and, more specifically, the Cougs. "Well ... I mean, it's great being home for once and all ... but ... I don't know ... it's the... Recommended Stories

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