Cougar snapper Enyeart hits national stage


ZACK WILLIAMS and Reid Forrest are the Cougar footballers getting the most attention when it comes to speculation about next month's NFL talent chase, but don't forget about center Zach Enyeart. He's not especially big or agile and he has no experience run blocking, but he is a long-snapping phenom. And his remarkable skills have made their way to the front page of

For three years, this walk on from Skyline High in Sammamish went quietly about the business of snapping for every WSU punt, field goal and PAT. Quietly is the operative word there, because if the general public gets too familiar with a long snapper's name it's probably because the guy's doing a lot to negatively alter the outcomes of games.

Not Zach Enyeart. And it's why he has a very real shot at landing a free-agent tryout with an NFL team.

This past fall Forrest lauded him for helping make Forrest a better punter. Head coach Paul Wulff said "Zach is as good as there is out there. His speed of his snap and his general accuracy is really, really good. He could probably snap in the NFL. He definitely has enough velocity to be able to do that."

With the help of a couple of brave friends, Enyeart has raised his profile in recent days with a home-made video of long-snapping trick shots. He knocks cans off the tops of heads, fires them into garbage cans way in the distance, and through the windows, plus much more.

It's a heck of an enjoyable view, courtesy of a truly great Cougar. Click HERE to watch.


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