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HARMELING: Tweaking to the top

DESPITE THE rough start in L.A. two weeks ago, the Cougs are actually in great shape to make a run at the top-tier of the Pac-10. Last week's sweep of the Oregons, now followed by a pair of excellent opportunities in the Bay Area, has the potential to supercharge the season. There is a lot I like about this team, but I believe they're a couple tweaks away from maxing out their potential.

In watching game film, it's obvious that other teams are sending their most blood-thirsty hound to blanket Klay Thompson. Not exactly innovative strategy, but he's clearly the biggest issue when facing the Cougs. Which brings me to my first point. Why aren't the Cougs making Klay's defender work harder before Thompson catches the ball? It seems as though we run Klay off one screen at most before... Recommended Stories